Monday, 23 July 2007

Thank you

Thank you all so much for participating.

It has been heart-warming to see all participants trying so hard to save the poor Endo. It was a hard struggle, but we are very optimistic Endo will survive. We have sent the best submitted prefix to Arrow, but haven't heard anything since. We hope that this is due to the fact that Arrow is using all its remaining energy to apply the DNA prefix to Endo, and not because something has gone wrong. For now, we can do nothing but wait for a sign of life. Repairing DNA takes time, but we expect that we will know whether or not it has been successful by the time of the ICFP Conference in Freiburg.


Nelson Castillo said...

Please put online a NICE video of the announcement talk. Thanks a lot.

Ado said...

I hope we can see the best 15 environmments for Endo, so that at least we see how to save the next visitor even if we failed this time.

Unknown said...

Thanks for bringing this hard nut to us! The beginning was quite fit for us, C++ programmers, but the struggle up would have been so much easier with FP mindset ready, I reckon. And the hints towards adaptive programming... We killed it 98.7281% sure.