Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The team

Let me introduce the team. I cannot disclose their contributions in detail, for obvious reasons.

Atze Dijkstra and Doaitse Swierstra. Contributed to the brainstorming sessions in 2005 and 2006.

Eelco Dolstra. I think if someone in the team qualifies for the label hacker, it will be Eelco. Eelco has participated in several contests. He has developed, amongst others, the central component for this years' contest. He is not a religious Haskell hacker (as many of us others are), and that has definitely been a Good Thing.

Chris Eidhof, Maaike Gerritsen, Jeroen Leeuwestein, Eelco Lempsink, Martijn van Steenbergen, Mark Stobbe. Student testers. Contributed to many aspects of the problem after they finished their test run.

Jurriaan Hage. Jurriaan has a broad background, and has contributed to several components of the task. Unfortunately, none of these can be disclosed.

Bastiaan Heeren. Enthusiastic member from the start. Has become the central organiser in the team, and is continuously adding and testing new ideas, implementing tools, pushing students to implement ideas, answering questions, etc. He knows most of what is going on, what still needs to be done, who is doing what, etc.

Stefan Holdermans and Arie Middelkoop. Young, starting, PhD students, who also have to write their first papers, so they cannot spend as much time as some of us others on the contest. I cannot disclose Arie's contributions; Stefan mainly worked on the task description. His perfectionism is exactly what we need for the task!

Johan Jeuring. Johan is the chairman of the organisation committee. He takes care of the `external relations'. Furthermore, he contributed to the problem and the task description. But he spends most of his time on organisational matters.

Andres Löh. One of our two external members. But he did his PhD here, and will become a lecturer very soon, so he cannot really be called external. Has participated in several contests (even won one!). Contributed many things: story, basic constructs, task description, theory development, etc.

Clara Löh. Our other external member. Did most of the artwork.

Alexey Rodriguez. Together with Eelco, I think Alexey is the other candidate for the hacker label. Has been away a couple of months to optimize GHC in GHC-headquarters, but has picked up very quickly again after he returned. His main contributions have to remain a secret for now. They're slightly obscure, but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway.

John van Schie. One of our students, and another hacker, who has implemented the communication components.


Alejo said...

I'm very excited about the contest! Thanks beforehand to all the members of the team for their contributions! :-)

Nelson Castillo said...

I'm waiting also :)

Alejo said...

I'm waiting more than Nelsonio. :-P

Unknown said...

I'm anxious about what the problem is. This is my favourite contest by a long shot!

Quiz said...

Now that it's all over, can we learn a little more about who did what? No need for secrets any more.