Monday, 16 July 2007

The message

You might remember the 'SPAM' message we received more than 3 months ago (see my message on April 26). For a long time, the only thing we managed to do with it is decrypt pictures, which already takes us a lot of time. We run the decryption process on one machine, and get about one picture per week. It seems there's only one picture left to decrypt, and that should be ready by Friday. The pictures appear to tell a story, but we cannot make much sense of it.

However, it was clear from the beginning that the pictures are only a small part of the message, and the rest remained a big mystery to us ... until last week, when Alexey suddenly had a brilliant idea that turned out to be a major breakthrough. Since then, we have not only deciphered a large part of the message, but we also have an idea about who sent it. It is all very strange, and we still do not know whether it all is a joke (maybe from an ex-student?) or whether it could be real. I'll keep you informed about our progress.


Brock said...

such a tease!

Nelson Castillo said...

Yes :) Nice teaser. Waiting, waiting.

sr said...

So is it a part of the problem for '07 or not? :)